Custom Crates | Cincinnati, Ohio

Nearly 40 years of commitment to quality products and customer service is one of the key benefits to choosing S&S Pallets for your custom crates in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Regardless of the size of your company or your requirements, you can count on S&S Pallets to deliver the custom crates that you need to keep your business running.

Our custom wooden crates are built to your specifications by our service-oriented experts who are committed to delivering high quality, custom crates to your organization.

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S&S Pallets is a Cincinnati pallet company that has been supplying new & refurbished pallets to businesses in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1975. 

Our core products are:  40X48 Pallets, Custom Pallets & Custom Crates.


Commitment to Quality
  Customer Service Oriented
  Buy-Back Programs

  35+ Years in Business
  Fast Turnaround Time
  Convenient Delivery